AI & ML Certification Courses in India: Head-to-head comparison to help you decide wisely.

5 Facts That You Should Know When You Choose An AI & ML Certification Course In India

  1. AI & ML requires rigorous practice for success
  2. AI & ML is application of science to solve business problems
  3. AI & ML requires a Math Foundation for success
  4. Better course marketing does not equal to better investment in you
  5. Finally, the AI & ML Program should guarantee you a job

AI & ML requires rigorous practice for success

Face-to-face interaction with peers and professors combined with longer duration programs help you learn faster.

If you could learn all this over a few weekends then everybody would be just doing that, right?

A full-time, classroom based training that’s rigorous, practical and gets you placed is always a better bet.


AI & ML is application of science to solve business problems

It's better to learn this from experienced business practitioners in AI & ML than from those who just teach.

Practice is what you need to get forward in this industry. This is where a course by practitioners, rather than that by academics, gains importance.

Plus the fact that you get to work on assignments and projects, participate in discussions, and get internships that hone your practical skills.

Many of the courses are information courses so learn to discern this. Check out reviews from students online at Speak with past students.


AI & ML requires a Math Foundation for success

Courses that don't offer a Math brush up, or qualify entrants based on Math aptitude, could be pure grief.

AI & ML is ideal for students coming from a quantitative science, or math background. It is not for everyone.

Choose programs that take you step by step through the fundamentals and basics so that you understand what is being taught.

There are reports in Quora that tell you that 90% of the students in AI & ML don’t follow what is being taught.

Well, that is a terrible waste of money, isn't it?


Better course marketing does not equal to better investment in you

The value you get from AI & ML courses is based on the faculty, your motivation and hunger, and the intensity of the curriculum.

These are the 3 things that will stand you in good stead.

The best marketed courses are not necessarily the most invested in your success. Learn to discern this when you choose the course.

You can search for and read the reviews of top AI & ML courses in for multiple perspectives on how to choose these.


Finally, the AI & ML Program should guarantee you a job

The reason for taking an AI & ML Course is to get you ahead in your career: To transition to a Data Science Job, or get promoted to one.

To do this effectively, you need to align a few ducks:

  1. Get a job, not just promises of interviews. As they say one AI & ML job in hand is worth 250 interviews in the bush.
  2. Train with world-class industry practitioners and scholars in this industry, not by just academics
  3. Equip yourself for interviews: Prepare for questions, train in practical problem solving, mentally toughen yourself and be ready to compete with others
  4. Sift the marketing hype from facts. Check with past students and reviews on before you decide on a Course. Don't jump in blidly.


Head-to-head comparison of leading AI & ML Courses in India

How has this comparison been done?

To help you get better value for your investment, we have researched the major institutes offering AI & ML programs in India, studied their brochures, and comprehensively analyzed their offerings.

10 key factors compared head to head

  1. Learning formats
  2. Course duration
  3. Key features of the program
  4. Curriculum
  5. Certificate that you’ll get
  6. Course Fees
  7. Financing Options
  8. Criteria for eligibility
  9. Job Assistance/ Guarantees
  10. Application Process

In the end, this will hopefully get you to make the right decision on training yourself in AI & ML and reap the opportunities in it, wisely.

Download the PDF: Head-to-head comparison of the top 5 AI & ML Certification Programs in India to help you decide wisely.





Great Learning

IIIT-B, UpGrad

IIIT-H, TalentSprint

Name of the course

Elite AI & ML Certification Program

Post graduate program in AI and Machine Learning

PGP - Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

PG Diploma in Machine Learning and AI

Exclusive Certification Program in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Learning format


Live online and classroom

Weekend classroom/ Online+


Weekend Contact Classes

Duration of the course

1000 hours, 11 months

12 months, hours not specified

Weekend classroom - 12 months

Mentorship- 12 months

12 months, hours not specified

13 weeks, hours not specified

Key features listed for the program

Taught by an elite faculty of International & Indian practitioners with a combined 170 years industry experience

Guarantees you a job of Rs 5L to Rs 10 L pa.. It's not just promises of interviews.

Clocks 1000 hrs of intensive training with

> 600 hours of classrooms
> 250 hrs of internship and
> 150 hrs of Capstone projects

Course designed by 5 PhDs + 3 practitioners. with business expertise

Build on what you already know with flexible modules

Mentors you for publishing articles in reputed journals

Prepares you with mind training plus interview question and answer preparation

Purdue Alumni Association Membership

Industry-recognized IBM certificates

Enrollment in Simplilearn’s JobAssist

25+ hands-on Projects on Integrated Labs

450+ hours of blended learning

Capstone Project in 3 Domains

Purdue Post Graduate Program Certification

Masterclasses from Purdue

Self-paced online video

Live virtual classroom

Online practice labs

Applied projects

24/7 teaching assistance

Learner social forum

Weekend Classroom Mode

> Live faculty interactions and doubt solving

> Interact and network with 50+ peers

> Lab work with faculty guidance

Mentorship Mode

> Individual doubt-solving with expert mentors

> Personalized feedback from industry experts

> Dedicated online groups to interact with your mentor

Designed for Working Professionals

30+ Case Studies and Assignments

25+ Industry Mentorship Sessions

Dedicated Student Success Mentor

Job Placement Assistance with Top Firms

450+ Hours of Learning

5+ Practical Hands-on Capstone Projects

Timely Doubt Resolution

IIIT Bangalore Alumni Status

No Cost EMI Option

Cutting Edge Curriculum

On The Go Learning

Industry Mentorship

Build and deploy AI/ML and Deep Learning Apps

Learn from the world class faculty and professionals

Reinforce learning by applying concepts

Get Alumni Status of IIIT Hyderabad Executive Education

Certification from #1 ML lab



Unique, comprehensive curriculum with Math Foundation

Term 1 

Mathematical Foundation for ML and AI

Basics of Programming

Python Language

R Language


Advance Excel for Analytics


Basics of Problem Solving

Data Warehousing

Tools covered 

Term 2


Basics of Supervised and Unsupervised ML

Machine Learning Regression

Machine Learning Classification

Natural Language Processing


Data Visualisation

Business Applications using Data Science 1

Term 3

Artificial Neural Networks

Deep Learning

Cloud Computing

Handling Big Data Sets & Basics of Distributed Computing

Business Applications using Data Science 2

Spark, Hadoop

Internet of Things

Coding for Machine Learning

Data Security

Reinforcement: Day Workshop of 5 hours

Digital Transformation

Credit Risk Management

Sports Analytics

Applications ML & AI Medical Diagnostics

Oil & Natural Gas

Blockchain Technology &; Crypto Currencies

Reinforcement: Internship projects

>Sentiment Analyzer of Social Media

>A Machine Learning Gladiator

>Disease Prediction

>Customer chart prediction for all applications

>Face recognition in the wild

Reinforcement: Capstone Project

Capstone project spread across Ubuntu, R language, SQL, No SQL, Data warehousing, Hadoop, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence.

The data will be from companies.

Welcome Class for Purdue AI and Machine Learning Program

PGP AI - Python for Data Science

PGP AI - Data Science with Python

PGP AI - Machine Learning

PGP AI - Deep Learning with Tensorflow and Keras

PGP AI - Advanced Deep Learning and Computer Vision

PGP AI - Natural Language Processing and Speech Recognition

PGP AI - Reinforcement Learning

PGP AI - AI and Machine Learning Capstone Project


PGP AI - IBM Watson for Chatbots

PGP AI - Machine Learning with R

Academic Master Class – Purdue University

Industry Master Class – Artificial Intelligence




Python for AI & ML

Statistical learning

Machine learning

Supervised learning 

Unsupervised learning

Ensemble techniques

Recommendation systems

Artificial Intelligence

Neural network basics

Computer vision

Statistical NLP (Natural Language Processing)

Sequential NLP (Natural Language Processing)

Advanced computer vision

GANs (GEnerative adversarial networks)

Reinforcement learning

Pre-Program Preparation

Introduction To Python

Python For Data Science

Math For Machine Learning

Data Visualization In Python

Data Analysis Using SQL

Advanced SQL

Statistics And Exploratory Data Analytics

Analytics Problem Solving

Investment Problem Solving

Investment Case Study

Inferential Statistics

Hypothesis Testing

Exploratory Data Analysis

Group Project

Machine Learning -1

Linear Regression

Investment Case Study

Linear Regression Assignment

Logistic Regression

Naive Bayes

Model Selection

Machine Learning - 2

Advanced Regression

Support Vector Machine (Optional)

Tree Models

Model Selection - Practical Considerations


Unsupervised Learning: Clustering

Unsupervised Learning: Principal Component Analysis

Telecom Churn Case Study

Natural Language Processing

Lexical Processing

Syntactic Processing

Syntactic Processing - Assignment

Semantic Processing

Building Chatbots With RASA

Deep Learning

Introduction To Neural Networks

Neural Networks - Assignment

Convolutional Neural Networks - Industry Applications

Recurrent Neural Networks

Neural Networks Project - Gesture Recognition 


Classical Reinforcement learning

Assignment - Classical Reinforcement learning

Deep Reinforcement Learning






Introduction to Python Programming 

Key Python Libraries (NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, Colab)

Refresher for Math Concepts (Online)

Overview of AI and ML Concepts

Problem Formulation and Solving

Overview of Python and its libraries for ML (Pandas, Matplotlib etc) 

Demystifying ML 

ML Avatars

Simple but elegant Algorithms 

Ideas about practical issues such as Overfitting etc.

Closer Look at AIML Algorithms

Formulating Real World Problems for AI/ML 

Classification and Regression Problems

Intuitive and Simple Algorithms

Representation of the World and Real Data

Linear Algorithms, Optimization and Training

End-to-end Problem Solving

Non-linear Solutions and MLP 

Gradient Descent and Backpropagation 

Decision Trees, Random Forests and Ensembles

Deep Learning and Practical Issues

Visualization, Data Prep, Unsupervised Learning 

Principles and Practice of ML 

Support Vector Machines and Kernels 

Introduction to DL and Toolchain

Convolutional Neural Networks 


Recurrent Neural Networks 

Overview of Advanced Topics in DL 

Human In the Loop Solutions, Deployment


Get the most prized certificate in AI & ML in India 

Joint Purdue-Simplilearn certification

Industry recognized IBM certifications and digital badges

Certificate from The University of Texas at Austin

Certificate from Great Lakes


Advanced Certification from IIIT Hyderabad ML Lab 

Post Graduate Certificate

Course fees

Rs 6,00,000 + GST

Rs 2,25,000 + GST

Weekend Classroom - Rs 3,60,000 + GST

Online+Mentorship - Rs 2,40,000 + GST

2,85,000 (Incl. of all taxes)

2,00,000 + GST

Financing options

Loans from leading banks facilitated

Residential accommodation close to the Navi Mumbai campus facilitated

No cost EMI if you pay through zest, eduvanz or BAJAJ FINSERV at 9,375/month

Internet banking, credit/debit card and standard EMI also available

Can pay through:

> Net Banking

> Credit/Debit Card

> Cheque, DD

0% interest rate if you pay through zest, eduvanz or HDFC CREDILA

*conditions apply

Flexible Payment Options Available

Option 1: pay full Fee

Option 2: Pay Registration Fee of ₹23,600 and Balance Fee on or before Due Date (Due Date will be communicated to you by email upon Selection)

0% EMI and Interest-based EMI

Criteria for eligibility

Should be a graduate or postgraduate with significant Maths or Stats components.

Candidate can be from:

> Engineering

> Economics

> Pure or Applied sciences

> Maths/Statistics

> Computer Science/Computer Applications

You also qualify if you have 3 years in software development and come from a Maths, Stats, Engineering, Computer Science or Economics background.

A bachelor's degree with an average of 50% or higher marks.

Basic understanding of programming concepts and mathematics.

Working Professionals with 2+ years of experience are preferred to apply for this program

Must have a Bachelor's degree with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks or equivalent

Should be comfortable using a programming language and should be familiar with college-level mathematics and statistics

Bachelor's/Master's degrees in Computer Science/Engineering/Math/Statistics/ Economics/Science with a minimum of 50% marks in graduation

Tech Professional with at least 1 year work experience and coding background


Job assistance 

Guaranteed job of Rs 5L to 10L pa +

Resume building, mind training and interview question preparation

Enrollment in Simplilearn’s Job Assist - 

IIM Jobs Pro-Membership for six months

Resume building and career mentoring

Interview preparation and career fairs

Exclusive recruitment drives.

Access to curated jobs.

Interview preparation workshops.

Personalized career mentorship.

Career & Resume Consultation

Resume Feedback

Interview Preparation

Job Assistance

Career Support


Application process

Fill and submit the form to secure a seat in the most prized AI & ML Certification Course in India after review.

Submit application

Application review


Fill application form 

Get reviewed

Join the Artificial Intelligence course

Fill out application form

Undergo a selection test to assess college level mathematics and basic programming skill

Apply for the Program

Wait for Selection 

Block your Seat

Enroll for the program

Download the PDF: Head-to-head comparison of the top 5 AI & ML Certification Programs in India to help you decide wisely.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Choose ISET’s AI & ML Certification Program

The ISET Certification Program in AI & ML with in-class learning at Mumbai is unique in many ways. ISET is the only program in AI & ML in India that:

  1. Is taught by an elite faculty of International & Indian business practitioners who care for the subject. This course is not promoted by an institute that is driven more by your money. But which cares for the value it delivers to you.
  2. Guarantees you a job of Rs 5L to Rs 10 L pa.. Not just offers you promises of interviews with loads of hiring partners.
  3. Packs 1000 hrs of intensive training with
    1. 600 hours of classroom learning
    2. 250 hrs of internship and
    3. 150 hrs of Capstone projects
  4. Is designed and taught by 5 PhDs and 3 professionals with deep business expertise of 170 years in AI & ML practice
  5. Allows you to build on what you already know with flexible modules
  6. Mentors you for publishing articles in reputed journals. Use these as credits for your higher learning and in your resume for getting better jobs
  7. Prepares you with mind training plus interview questions and answer preparation


Choose your AI & ML course wisely to avoid grief.

  • Check the 5 facts you need to know about AI & ML Courses in India
  • Compare the top AI & ML Courses
  • Understand how ISET is different from the other offerings

Let’s know what fact swung your decision in favour of a specific course in the comments section below.

Let’s also know if our head-to-head comparison grid helped you take a better decision on which AI & ML Course to opt for.

Best of luck, boys and girls