Everything you need to know if you wish to build a career in AI & ML

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Are you an IT professional looking for a way to advance your career? Not sure what to do?

Have you been wondering…

  •     Should I do an MBA to land a better job?
  •     Should I switch jobs to get a raise?
  •     Am I in the wrong field altogether?

It’s natural to have these thoughts. But don’t be disheartened.

The good news is that you have a chance to climb higher up the software ladder. Jump into a world full of magical opportunities.

If you are a student entering software or someone experienced in coding for 2-4 years, the clock's ticking for you.

Learn AI & ML now. And catapult your career

Here’s everything you need to know before you make the switch.

Why you should do build a career in AI & ML

In 2014 Machine Learning experts predicted that it would be a decade before a machine would be able to beat the world’s best player at a game called Go but Google’s deep mind proved them wrong.

Since then there have been drastic changes in a field called machine learning, and experts are eager to see how far they can push the limits to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We’ve been learning, we’ve been innovating and we’ve come pretty far, but the snowball has just begun to gain momentum. But here’s where we’re at for now. 

Machine learning has been accepted into various fields generously, and it’s given birth to a sprint between companies to see which AI or ML can feed their systems the best data, innovate better and create the fastest most flawless system there has been.

Those who have the resources and know better are all in for this no-brainer.

So far we’ve seen AI spread its roots in sectors like financial services, Health care, oil and gas, government, retail, transportation. This ripple effect is causing waves across industries.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are progressing like a beam of light, there’s no going back.

So the question is not why you should take this course but when you should take it.

The answer is simple, you should take this course yesterday.

What are the career options after this course?

Frankly, this is a much better question.

Once you take a wise decision to take this course you’re at a crossroads, it’s understandable, you want to be sure about where you’re going. Humans don’t like uncertainty, it implies that you’re not in control of the situation.

Worry not, we’ll paint a clear picture for you, put you in the driver’s seat and give you a map of the city. You decide where you want to go. With us so far? Great.

A machine learning engineer is one of the routes taken by software engineers. The salary is pretty decent averaging at $114k per year give or take some $. Taking this road you would be in charge of building and managing learning projects.

You could be a data scientist. The name pretty much gives the description away. So, you get the picture, right?

That may sound a bit too challenging, so we’ll take it down a notch.

You could be a Business Intelligence Developer who analyzes complex sets of data to identify business and market trends.

Sounds too easy? Bear with us, we’re trying.

How does a research scientist sound? This will require you to be an expert in multiple disciplines such as applied mathematics, machine learning, deep learning and computational statistics.

Too much?

How about a software engineer who writes a program that tells the system how it should perform specific human functions? 

If none of the options invokes an interest, we’ll give you another one.

You could be a computational linguist. You would help the computers learn how to understand the spoken language, patterns of speech and continually work on improving the systems that currently exist.

Frankly, all of them sound good to us, and if they sound a little out of the ordinary to you, get used to it, these terms will be popping up frequently.

These are just a handful of options if you’re AI and ML have piqued your interest. 

Want to know more about this fascinating industry that is rising like a piece of wood in the water? 

Read our blog which will enable you to get a fresh perspective on what it is and what you can expect.


You’ve journeyed with us so far, the least we could do is tell where you can take the AI or ML course that you desire. Look no further.

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