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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Certification Program FAQs

Who is this course for?

For everyone. The democratization of data means that workers across job functions need to be data-aware. Demand for analytical skills pervades the job market and analytically astute workers find themselves suitable for a wide variety of roles. With the advent of newer analytical tools and methods, more and more job functions need to absorb new analytics skills.

Our entry criteria have been tuned to accept only students who show a strong willingness to be productive during the course.

In order to enhance your learning experience at the Professional Program in Machine Learning & AI, it is advised that you have one of the following:

A graduate/ postgraduate degree in a discipline with a significant quantitative component such as:

  • Engineering
  • Economics
  • Pure or Applied Sciences Maths/ Statistics
  • Computer Science/Computer Applications

What are the job opportunities after completing this course?

There are a many job opportunities you can explore after taking this course. Some of the options are:

  • Analytics Managers: Analytics Product Manager, Risk Analytics Manager, Human Resources Analytics Manager, Marketing Analytics Manager
  • Data Analyst: BI Analyst, Data Mining Analyst
  • Data Scientist and Advanced Analyst: Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Financial Quantitative Analyst
  • Data-driven Decision Maker: CIO, Head of IT, HR Manager, Product Manager, Logistics Manager, Recruiting Manager
  • Functional Analyst: Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Human Resources Analyst, Market Research Analyst, Operations Analyst, Risk Analyst, Risk Consultant

Is there enough scope for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the industry?

  • Data science jobs stay open longer than other jobs because of a dearth of data science talent in the market
  • Data science jobs on average pay higher than other jobs
  • Demand for a new breed of professionals skilled in Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to fulfill a variety of roles, such as Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Governance Lifecycle and Data.
  • Privacy and Security Specialist, Data Product Developer and data-driven decision maker roles.

What is the usual batch size?

There may be two batches per year with a batch size of up to 40 students.

When does the course start?

The first batch starts 15 April 2020.

Who is ISET & how is it connected to NTS??

The International School of Emerging Technologies is officially designated as the Education Training arm of NeuralTechSoft (Established in 2000). NTS has been conducting courses in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Sciences, Financial Risk Management, Algo Trading and more across the globe.

Who is Dr Mahendra Mehta and how is he connected to this course?

Dr Mahendra Mehta is an IIT alumni who has worked intensively in advanced avionics at Hindustan Aaeronautics Limited. Subsequently, he was Head of Derivatives & Options with Citibank, in Asia. He is now the Founder and Managing Director of NeuralTechSoft. He is also on the board of other select corporate entities.

Dr Mehta has also set up and executed courses on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at SP Jain Global Management for the last 3 years.

Who is eligible to do the ISET course?

Candidates with a BE / BSc degree from a recognized university.

What is the ISET course fee?

The ISET Program in AI & ML has structured fees of INR 6 lakhs + GST.

Is it advantageous to have work experience to enroll for the ISET course?

Experience of up to 5 years may prove to be an advantage.

What is the total student intake for this AI & ML course?

Our optimal batch is of 40 students.

Which academic score does ISET accept?

ISET accepts scores from recognized universities.

If I am applying through email do I need to send my BE or BSc score report to ISET?

Scanned and notarized copies will help with your enrollment.

How modular is this course?

This course has been structured with multiple modules. You can choose specific modules and get a fee rebate if you are savvy with these.

Can we apply for more than one module?

You have the choice and flexibility to apply for all modules or just selected modules.

What advantages do I have in doing more than one module?

The opportunities for you are greater if the full set of modules prescribed is completed. 

Is there any certification for this program?

ISET will provide you with a course certificate on successful completion of the AI & ML Program.

Is this course accredited?

At this point no. ISET will seek accreditation from select universities as we progress with this program.

What will the face-to-face class schedule be like?

Classes are presently scheduled for 6:00 hrs of face-to-face learning.

Who will the faculty be for the ISET course?

The faculty at ISET for the AI & ML Program represents 170 years of business expertise. Check out the faculty here.

The choice of practitioners is by design. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is an applied science.

To give this priority, our Faculty includes 5 PhDs. These are alumni from Ivy League Colleges, IITs, IIMs and visiting professors from international institutes of repute. Check out the Faculty for the ISET AI & ML Progam here.

What kind of academic support will I get from ISET?

ISET will make every effort to support students keen on developing skills.

Who will the mentors be as part of this AI & ML Program?

Course Director Dr Mahendra Mehta along with faculty members will be available as mentors.

Will I have to procure additional course material from ISET?

No, this is not expected.

What is the enrollment process?

Applications received will be filtered, followed by a written test, personal interview and finally an admission offer.

What is a Capstone Project?

A capstone project is where you take a deep dive into a chosen subject. A mentor can help you with this. The finale will be the publication of the project.

When does the enrollment process for this ISET batch in AI & ML 2020 begin?

Admissions open January 2020.

The cutoff date to submit the application form is 31 March 2020.

How do I pay my application fees?

You can pay online or by cheque.

Who should I contact to follow up on the status of the application?

Course Coordinator: Ms Muskan Surana

Do I need to submit any document proof to support the form?

You need to provide a notarized soft copy or hard copies.

What is the eligibility entrance test score?

This is subject to your interview and how other candidates fare in comparison. Generally, 55% marks may be considered eligible.

Can I reschedule my Interview date?

Yes, this is subject to advance notice. We will have to consider other scheduled interviews before we commit.

Where is the interview venue located?

The interviews are expected to be in Mumbai.

Will there be placement interviews on campus at the end of this AI & ML course?

This will be arranged by ISET.

Does ISET arrange any soft loans for this course?

ISET is happy to facilitate this process with leading banks.

Are there any scholarships available?

ISET is happy to consider deserving applicants for scholarships.

Are there assistantships available?

We are open to this.

What is the refund policy, in case needed?

This is subject to the conditions of the modules completed and the ones yet to be completed. 

We will have to consider the module[s] and the time of application for any refund.

Is there a housing arrangement policy for married students?

ISET is happy to facilitate the process through realty professionals.

Does ISET require technical grounding for this course?

ISET will consider this based on individual evaluations.

How will I be evaluated during the AI & ML course?

You will have to undergo periodic internal tests for individual modules.

Is company sponsorship allowed?

Limited seats will be allocated to companies.

Do candidates need to carry their own laptops?

Candidates need to bring their own laptops.

Will the ISET course help in reshaping my career prospects?

ISET is happy to provide skill development opportunities through this modular course.

Is age seniority a disadvantage in enrolling into this course?

This is subject to individual evaluation.

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