Peers, former colleagues and students, talk fondly of Dr Mehta

Peers speak about Dr Mehta

  • Rajat Bhatia
    International banker and derivatives trader turned entrepreneur

    Peer Reviews

    I have worked with Dr Mehta at Citibank in India and had the privilege of teaching courses with him at large international banks.

    Dr Mehta is an incredibly brilliant teacher and a world-renowned expert on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Mathematical Finance and Financial Technologies.

    His teaching style is very clear, straightforward and easy to follow. Dr. Mehta has the unique ability to make complex things easy to understand, which is an essential quality of a great educator. I recommend him very strongly.

    The program on AI and ML is perhaps the most comprehensive course of its kind in India and offers young people to develop skills and acquire knowledge which will enable them to progress their careers very well. Students will benefit enormously from this AI / ML course being conducted by the International School of Emerging Technologies.

  • Dr Tahereh Saheb
    Expert on Digital Transformation Strategy and Enterprise Architecture & Assistant Professor at Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran 

    Peer Reviews

    Honestly, one of the best experiences I have had teaching at SP Jain Global School of Management, was working with Mr. Mehta.

    He is a very knowledgeable person when it comes to cutting-edge technologies in Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning.

    His planning, guiding and mentoring of talented professors and students is commendable.

    I am honoured and proud to be working with Prof Mehta.

    I have not had this experience and extent of collaboration with anybody else.

Former colleagues have this to say about Dr Mehta


Dr Mehta is a humble and well-acknowledged person. Throughout my work with him, he ensured that I learned something important with every new project. He reposed tremendous trust in me even when I made mistakes. This is a part of his teaching philosophy. I improved a lot because of his belief in me.


Dr Mehta is a great mentor who effectively explains complex mathematical concepts in simple words. He's enthusiastic and open to learning about recent developments in data science and machine learning. He encourages and calmly guides everyone in the the team to deliver projects to clients.

Former students talk about Dr Mehta


I was a student of Dr Mehta. He made sure that we learned the subject well.

As the Dean, he would repeat lectures on any subject if we were not clear with the concepts. He made sure to give us only the  best.

Sudhanshu Saxena

I still recall the words of Dr Mehta when I visited him at SP.Jain Institute. He guided me and helped me in my career.

Dr Mehta conducted the Bourse Game Program at CEPT, Ahmedabad from 11 to 13 December 2019. This is what the students from the Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT), Ahmedabad, had to say about him.

Aakash Kelkar

Very good course. This was something that the technical schools do not teach students. about. Excellent faculty. Learned a lot about finance in just 3 days.

Harshal Acharya

The teaching methodology and content is extremely important and interesting, Overall it was a very great learning experience.

Sechika Tripathi

Dr Mehta delivered a great course which gave us a proper grasp about finance. As a beginner, I didn't find any problem in understanding the concepts. The faculty of Dr Mahendra Mehta & Prof Rajnikant Trivedi, were really friendly. They came to student level to explain the concepts. The course has really paid off and has added a lot to the little knowledge that I had about finance and financial markets.

Gokul Kalaimathi

Informative and critically useful for self-finance. The explanation, from the basics to the advanced concepts, was much appreciated.

Gaurav Vakil

Received important insights into the financial markets. Dr Mehta's approach to make us understand the back-end process/ calculations in financial markets helped us understand the concepts. In the future this will give us confidence in our investments.

Meet Shah

It was an efficient and fruitful learning game understanding the transactions of various branches in investment and trading. Would like to get to know about investment tips and strategies in depth. This will help us adjust our daily routine in the field. Knowing how to balance the bad and good investments helped a lot.

Krishna Jhawar

This course is one RISK that every student should take. 

It's a MUST HAVE COURSE for those students and teachers with little or no past knowledge of finance. The course enables one to take better decisions with the money they have in the most ethical and wise (hard earned) manner.

Srinjoy Das

This is a huge learning for any person who does not have ideas about finance.

The faculty was highly knowledgeable. Always open to questions. All kinds of queries were encouraged in the class. The teachers always gave satisfactory answers. The course content is a bit lengthy for such a short span of time. But overall it was an exciting experience.

Viral Kapadiya

Course is well structured and great. The faculty answers each and every doubt until everyone understands the concepts. This course gave me analytical understanding of finance, stocks, etc.

Anukriti Gupta

Very well structured course. All concepts and doubts were addressed timely manner.

Harsh KVS

The course helped in understanding the importance of statistical analysis in financial markets. The game helped in giving a picture of real life trading scenarios. Dr Mehta gave a detailed insight into the technical aspects of a market. Overall it was a fruitful experience.

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