Former students talk about Dr Mehta


I am a student of Dr. Mehta. He made sure that we learned the subject well.

As the Dean, he would repeat lectures on any subject if we were not clear with the concepts. He only made sure to give us the  best.

Sudhanshu Saxena

I still recall the words of Dr Mehta when I visited him at SP.Jain Institute. He guided me and helped me in my career.

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Dr Mehta is an internationally acclaimed professor in AI & ML.

He was formerly with Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd and Citibank NA. Dr Mehta teaches AI & ML at SP Jain School of Global Management, London Business School, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Zurich, and now manages the ISET PG Program on AI & ML.

Dr. Mahendra Mehta

For over 20 years, Dr. Mehta has been actively involved in executive education and consultancy in finance and data science.

This includes machine learning and artificial intelligence.

He has delivered more than 250 lectures and seminars in over 20 countries around the globe.

Dr Mahendra Mehta has worked as the HEAD OF ANALYTICS at CITIBANK, NA, India.

He was involved in the development of machine-based trading strategies in foreign exchange and interest rates for European & American markets.

Prior to Citibank, Dr. Mahendra Mehta worked with HINDUSTAN AERONAUTICS LIMITED (HAL), Hyderabad for over fifteen years. He was responsible for the design and development of several systems in Avionics, Development of Light Combat Aircraft weapon systems, etc.

He was also involved in the development of onboard computers that navigate, control and guide short-range surface-to-surface missiles (Prithvi) with DR APJ ABDUL KALAM.


Among other places, he has taught at LONDON BUSINESS SCHOOL and at SWISS FEDERAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, Zurich.

He is an ADJUNCT PROFESSOR AT SPJAIN SCHOOL OF GLOBAL MANAGEMENT where he teaches Financial Markets and Mathematics.

Dr. Mahendra Mehta is also a visiting faculty member at various institutions around the world. He has written many research papers in Engineering and Finance.


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  • Rajat Bhatia
    International banker and derivatives trader turned entrepreneur

    Peer Reviews

    I have worked with Dr Mehta at Citibank in India and had the privilege of teaching courses with him at large international banks.

    Dr Mehta is an incredibly brilliant teacher and a world-renowned expert on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Mathematical Finance and Financial Technologies.

    His teaching style is very clear, straightforward and easy to follow. Dr. Mehta has the unique ability to make complex things easy to understand, which is an essential quality of a great educator. I recommend him very strongly.

    The program on AI and ML is perhaps the most comprehensive course of its kind in India and offers young people to develop skills and acquire knowledge which will enable them to progress their careers very well. Students will benefit enormously from this AI / ML course being conducted by the International School of Emerging Technologies.

  • Dr Tahereh Saheb
    Expert on Digital Transformation Strategy and Enterprise Architecture & Assistant Professor at Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran 

    Peer Reviews

    Honestly, one of the best experiences I have had teaching at SP Jain Global School of Management, was working with Mr. Mehta.

    He is a very knowledgeable person when it comes to cutting-edge technologies in Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning.

    His planning, guiding and mentoring of talented professors and students is commendable.

    I am honoured and proud to be working with Prof Mehta.

    I have not had this experience and extent of collaboration with anybody else.

  • Tanvi Parte

    Peer Reviews

    Dr Mehta is the icon of integrity and hard work, as well as a great advisor.

    Sir’s achievements and outstanding leadership qualities are worthy of emulation. I am truly thankful to Dr Mehta for all your encouragement and support. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work on such an innovative project.

  • Vishakha Sawant

    Peer Reviews

    Dr.Mahendra Mehta inspired me by creating an open and productive environment for the research and discovery of my internship project.

    His guidance and experience have been invaluable in deciphering all sorts of information. He has a compassion for people that is arguably unmatched. He is insanely capable, yet completely humble. He helped, encouraged, and challenged us to do our best throughout the entire process thus encouraging my own personal growth and progress.

  • Lily Polekad

    Peer Reviews

    Dr. Mehta has not only been a great mentor but an inspiration throughout my internship period.

    Working under his guidance was one of the best ways for me to apply my knowledge, skills and learn something new at the same time. The depth of knowledge in his expertise is something that has always amazed me and motivated me to work hard every single day. His down to earth, helpful nature is just another addition to my learning personality. He has and will always continue to be a helping hand in my success.

  • Restina Dabreo

    Peer Reviews

    Dr Mehta is not only an excellent mentor but he has always been someone who has been easy to talk to.

    He has always been a guiding light not only in work related problems but also in life. His advice and intuition about any problem has never gone wrong. Other than that his skill set has not only amazed me but has motivated me to learn more and more in life. I couldn't ask for a better mentor for my project.

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