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Topic: Conceptual Architecture of AI and Analytics
6th June 2021 at 11am IST

Details: Conceptual Architecture of AI and Analytics | Career Opportunities | Live Q&A

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Learn about Conceptual Architecture in AI and Analytics

Join this Paid session by Dr. Tahereh Saheb, of Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran, to better understand the Conceptual Architecture of AI and Analytics.

This session covers…

  • Conceptual Architecture in AI and Analytics
  • Career opportunities in AI/ML
  • Followed by a live Q&A with experts.

Sessions normally cost Rs 499, now available for just Rs 99. Includes access to 6 past and future sessions. 

Register now for ₹499 Rs.99

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About Dr. Tahereh Saheb

She is an Assistant Professor, Management Studies Center, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran, Iran. She co-founded a knowledge-based company for the production of a sensor-based medical patch.

She is the Founder and Director of DBA program in Digital Transformation in Banking Industry, TMU, Iran.
She is a Visiting Faculty Member at SP Jain School of Global Management.

She has an MA in Communication Studies with an M.S. & PhD in Data Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York.

She has many publications in IOT and Big Data Analytics related to the health care industry. She has worked extensively on the Digital Transformation of companies.

Register now for ₹499 Rs.99

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Register now for ₹499 Rs.99

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  • Shweta B.
    Currently working as a Data Analyst at a Startup in Bangalore

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    I attended Dr. Mehta’s introductory session and it was like unlocking a goldmine of knowledge. I learnt so many things I didn’t know of. Dr. Mehta is a great teacher and answers all questions very patiently. I’m looking forward to joining the course and learning from him.

  • Rohan J.

    Engineering graduate exploring career opportunities abroad

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    The introductory sessions by ISET are more informative and practical than any other free course I’ve attended. I’m definitely joining the course. The faculty is great and the course structure is amazing.

    This is the best AI/ML course I’ve come across online.

  • Krutika M

    Commerce graduate keen to build a career in AI/ML

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    I’m a commerce graduate keen on building a career in AI/ML. I wasn’t sure if I’ll be able to grasp what is taught in AI/ML courses. But after attending this introductory session I’m confident that I’ll be able to build a successful career in AI/ML. The course coordinator helped me understand how my commerce education can give me an edge over others.

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Schedule of Lectures

  1. 11th April 2021 | Dr. Mahendra Mehta | Basics of Machine Learning
  2. 25th April 2021 | Hirak Mukherjee | Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  3. 16th May 2021 | AI/ML Applications in Action
  4. 23rd May 2021 | Netra Munj | Basic of SQL and Data usage
  5. 6th June 2021 | Tahereh Saheb | Conceptual Architecture of AI and Analytics
  6. 20th June 2021 | Swapnila Kavishwar and Dr Mahendra Mehta on Basics of Python and the importance of it for AI/ML

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