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Each week at ISET, we have one faculty member, who is an expert in AI & ML, talk about the subject.

Dr Mahendra Mehta

PhD in Electrical Engineering, IIT Mumbai. Ex HAL and Citibank.

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Hirak Mukherjee

Oxford Business Alumni with 27+ years in IT leadership in India and Asia Pacific.

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Dr Tahereh Saheb

Assistant Professor, Management Studies, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran.

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Netra Munj

Packs 21 years of work experience in the IT and Telecommunication domain.

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Abhik Roy

Abhik Roy is a post graduate in Computer Science specializing in Machine Intelligence from Mumbai University.

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Swapnila Kavishwar

Swapnila Kavishwar is a post graduate in Computer Science who specializes in Machine Intelligence.

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This is your FREE opportunity to learn from business practitioners in Data Science about AI & ML, trends, industries, job opportunities and more…

  • 11th April 2021 | Dr. Mahendra Mehta | Basics of Machine Learning
  • 25th April 2021 | Hirak Mukherjee | Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • 9th May 2021 | Abhik Roy | Basics of AI/ML Applications
  • 23rd May 2021 | Netra Munj | Basic of SQL and Data usage
  • 6th June 2021 | Tahreh Saheb | Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
  • 20th June 2021 | Swapnila Kavishwar and Dr Mahendra Mehta on Basics of Python and the importance of it for AI/ML


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