Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Program

Join the only AI & ML Program in India taught by practitioners with 170 years of business experience.

Practical, comprehensive, in-class PG AI & ML curriculum of 1000+ hrs taught by Ivy League professionals who care deeply for your success.

ISET's Elite AI & ML Certification Program

Be part of the future of coding. Or...

Software developers today use pre-built libraries, model-based design, frameworks and templates for rapid development.

Most people don’t write assembly, C, CSS, or HTML anymore.

The shift towards from code to codeless has begun. You're already part of that journey. AI will just accelerate this trend.

Seize this opportunity to get AI & ML Certified.

Choose your post-graduate AI & ML Program wisely.

AI & ML requires rigorous practice for success
Face-to-face interaction with peers and professors combined with longer duration programs help you learn faster. 

AI & ML is application of science to solve business problems
It's better to learn this from experienced business practitioners in AI & ML than from those who just teach.

AI & ML requires a Math Foundation for success
Courses that don't offer math brush up, or qualify entrants based on math aptitude, could be pure grief. 

Download the PDF: Head-to-head comparison of the top 5 AI & ML Certification Programs in India to help you decide wisely.

ISET’s AI & ML Program is specially designed for Students & Professionals wishing to turbocharge their coding careers

To qualify for ISET's Elite psot-graduate AI & ML Certification Program, you need to be a graduate or postgraduate with significant Maths or Stats components. This is a full-time course that requires full-time commitment.

You can be from:

    •     Engineering
    •     Economics
    •     Pure or Applied Sciences
    •     Maths/Statistics
    •     Computer Science/ Computer Applications.

If you have put in 3 years in software development and come from a Maths, Stats, Engineering, Computer Science or Economics background, you could qualify too.

Join the only AI & ML Program packing 1000 hours of learning, internship and projects

Train face-to-face, in-class with the internationally renowned Dr Mahendra Mehta and his elite team of 7 industry practitioners. Zoom away.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: Origins, Evolution, Applications and Job Opportunities

Learn from an elite faculty

Take advantage of Ivy League educated, Indian and international business practitioners with 170 years of combined industry expertise.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: Origins, Evolution, Applications and Job Opportunities

Get a guaranteed job after the Program

Your job at Rs 5L - 10L pa in AI & ML awaits after the course. Guaranteed. This is way better than mere promises of interviews with 300 companies.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: Origins, Evolution, Applications and Job Opportunities

Fly abroad to your dream job

The ISET program prepares you with mind training, handling interview questions and resume building. Choose to fly abroad to your dream job in AI & ML or stay put with a job guarantee.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: Origins, Evolution, Applications and Job Opportunities

Clock 1000 hours of intensive training

There is nothing like this curriculum for AI & ML in India. This includes 600 hours of in-class training on AI & ML + 250 hours of on-the-job internship + 150 hours of dedicated project work.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: Origins, Evolution, Applications and Job Opportunities

Choose from flexible modules

If you are familiar with some of the modules in the ISET Program, you have a choice to drop it and get on with the program. We’d be happy to facilitate this and reduce your fee accordingly.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: Origins, Evolution, Applications and Job Opportunities

Get help publishing articles in journals

Learn from distinguished mentors. Get 5 PhDs with years of business experience to guide you with article publishing in reputed journals. Come grab the opportunity.

Don’t settle for less.
  • Rajat Bhatia
    International banker and derivatives trader turned entrepreneur

    Peer Reviews

    I have worked with Dr Mehta at Citibank in India and had the privilege of teaching courses with him at large international banks.

    Dr Mehta is an incredibly brilliant teacher and a world-renowned expert on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Mathematical Finance and Financial Technologies.

    His teaching style is very clear, straightforward and easy to follow. Dr. Mehta has the unique ability to make complex things easy to understand, which is an essential quality of a great educator. I recommend him very strongly.

    The program on AI and ML is perhaps the most comprehensive course of its kind in India and offers young people to develop skills and acquire knowledge which will enable them to progress their careers very well. Students will benefit enormously from this AI / ML course being conducted by the International School of Emerging Technologies.

  • Dr Tahereh Saheb
    Expert on Digital Transformation Strategy and Enterprise Architecture & Assistant Professor at Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran 

    Peer Reviews

    Honestly, one of the best experiences I have had teaching at SP Jain Global School of Management, was working with Mr. Mehta.

    He is a very knowledgeable person when it comes to cutting-edge technologies in Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning.

    His planning, guiding and mentoring of talented professors and students is commendable.

    I am honoured and proud to be working with Prof Mehta.

    I have not had this experience and extent of collaboration with anybody else.

Earn the most prized post-graduate certificate for
Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in India

Entrust your success with professors who care.

Train with an AI & ML curriculum that's comprehensive. Get certified with world-class, face-to-face training in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Get mentored by Ivy League educated business practitioners led by the industry-renowned Dr Mahendra Mehta.

  • Term 1: Foundation for ML and AI 200 hrs
    • Mathematical Foundation for ML and AI
    • Basics of Programming
    • Python Language
    • R Language
    • SQL
    • Advanced Excel for Analytics
    • Ubuntu
    • Basics of Problem Solving
    • Data Warehousing
    • Tools Covered
  • Term 2: Basics of Supervised and Unsupervised ML 200 hrs
    • No SQL
    • Basics of Supervised and Unsupervised ML
    • Machine Learning Regression
    • Machine Learning Classification
    • Natural Language Processing
    • SAS
    • Data Visualisation
    • Business Applications using Data Science 1
  • Term 3: Artificial Neural Networks 200 hrs
    • Artificial Neural Networks
    • Deep Learning
    • Cloud Computing
    • Handling Big Data Sets & Basics of Distributed Computing
    • Business Applications using Data Science 2
    • Spark, Hadoop
    • Internet of Things
    • Coding for Machine Learning
    • Data Security
  • Day Workshop 5 hrs
    • Digital Transformation
    • Credit Risk Management
    • Sports Analytics
    • Applications ML & AI Medical Diagnostics
    • Oil & Natural Gas
    • Block Chain Technology & Crypto Currencies
  • Internship Projects 250 hrs

    The following represents a sample of the projects that we have in store for you.

    The final internship project will be decided by you with your mentor.

    Sentiment Analyzer of Social Media

    Learn how to analyse social media sentiment using AI & ML. Use a Twitter dataset with Python to classify the content.

    A Machine Learning Gladiator
    This project requires knowledge of regression, classification, and clustering algorithms. You will learn how to prototype models using Python and R.

    Disease Prediction

    Use a breast cancer diagnostic dataset to determine whether the cancer is malignant or benign with random forest techniques.

    Customer Chart Prediction for all applications
    Learn how to apply Python-based frameworks to a variety of predictive modelling tasks. 

    Face Recognition in the Wild
    Face recognition deals with a variety of problems. Given the variables, it is literally wild. Learn how to use algorithms for face detection.

  • Capstone Project 150 hrs

    You will work on a Capstone Project spread across Ubuntu, R language, SQL, No SQL, Data Warehousing, Hadoop, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence.

    The data will be from companies.

Meet your elite faculty

Take advantage of the Indian and International AI and ML Faculty packing 170 years of industry experience, 5 PhDs, 65 Research Publications and 5 Books under their belt. Get unparalleled guidance for your prized AI & ML Certification Program. Fly away.

Dr Mahendra Mehta, ISET AI & ML Program Faculty

Dr Mahendra Mehta

PhD in Electrical Engineering, IIT Mumbai. Ex HAL and Citibank.

Read More

CJ Swamy, ISET AI & ML Program Faculty

CJ Swamy

CEO & Co-Founder of Good Parents Inc, San Francisco.

Read More

Dr Sunil Lakdawala, ISET AI & ML Program Faculty

Dr. Sunil Lakdawala

25 years of experience in IT. CMC Ltd, Tech Span India Limited.

Read More

Dr Vikram Kuriyan, ISET AI & ML Program Faculty

Dr. Vikram Kuriyan

Director, Investment Laboratory. Faculty at ISB.

Read More

Hirak Mukherjee, ISET AI & ML Program Faculty

Hirak Mukherjee

Oxford Business Alumni with 27+ years in IT leadership in India and Asia Pacific.

Read More

Rajat Bhatia

An international banker and derivatives trader turned entrepreneur, investor and advisor.

Read More

Dr. Mridul Mehta

University of Chicago, Mathematics and Finance specialist for 15+ years.

Read More

Dr Tahereh Saheb, ISET AI & ML Program Faculty

Dr Tahereh Saheb

Assistant Professor, Management Studies, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran.

Read More

What is my investment?

The choice before you is clear.
Be part of the future of coding. Choose your AI & ML program wisely.

Wouldn’t you as a student, or a young professional, be delighted to earn Rs 5 Lakhs - Rs 10 Lakhs pa in just a year from now?

Wouldn’t you be happy stepping into a world where the sky is the limit to your ambitions?

Wouldn’t you be delighted to enroll in an AI & ML Certification Program in India that costs a tenth of what it does in Singapore?

Wouldn't you prefer an AI & ML Program that's practical, rigorous, comprehensive and taught by business practititoners with 170 years of experience?

Wouldn't you like to choose your AI & ML program wisely?

Come train with the most elite AI & ML teachers in India.

Come, invest in yourself. Join ISET's elite AI & ML Certification Program for post-graduates.

A similar full-time course in Singapore costs a whopping ₹55,00,000. Yes, you read that correctly. Rs 55 lakhs.

It’s now open at ₹6,00,000* for a very limited time in Mumbai. Book before it goes up.

The course duration is 11 months. Full-time, in-class.

*GST at 18% is extra. Loans from leading banks facilitated for students.

Revealed: Everything you need to know about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: Origins, Evolution, Applications and Job Opportunities


  • Who is this course for?

    Everyone. The democratization of data means that workers across job functions need to be data-aware. Demand for analytical skills is pervading all corners of the job market and analytically astute workers are finding themselves suitable for a wide variety of roles. With the advent of newer analytical tools and methods, more and more job functions need to absorb new analytics skills.

    Our entry criteria have been tuned to accept only students who show a strong willingness to be productive during the course.

    In order to enhance your learning experience at the Professional Program in Machine Learning & AI, it is advised that you have one of the following:

    A graduate/postgraduate degree in a discipline with a significant quantitative component such as:

    • Engineering

    • Economics

    • Pure and Applied Sciences Maths or Statistics

    • Computer Science/Computer Applications


  • What are the job opportunities after completing this course?

    There are a many job opportunities you can explore after taking this course. Some of the options are…

    • Analytics Managers (Analytics Product Manager, Risk Analytics Manager, Human Resources Analytics Manager, Marketing Analytics Manager)

    • Data Analyst (BI analyst, Data mining analyst)

    • Data Scientist and Advanced Analyst (Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Financial quantitative analyst)

    • Data-driven Decision Maker (CIO, Head of IT, HR manager, product manager, logistics manager, recruiting manager)

    • Functional Analyst (Business analyst, financial analyst, human resources analyst, market research analyst, operations analyst, risk analyst, risk consultant)

  • Is there enough scope for AI/ML in the industry?
    • Data Science jobs stay open longer than other jobs because of a dearth of data science talent in the market.

    • Data science jobs, on average, pay more than other jobs.

    • Demand for a new breed of professionals skilled in Data, Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence to fulfill a variety of roles, such as Data Scientist, Data Engineer, Data Governance, Lifecycle and Data.

    • Privacy and Security Specialist and Data Product developer as well as Data-Driven decision maker roles.

  • What is the usual batch size?

    There are two batches per year with a batch size of up to 40 students.

7 Reasons Why You Should Choose ISET’s AI & ML Certification Program For Post-graduates

The ISET Certification Program in AI & ML, with in-class learning at Mumbai, is unique in many ways. ISET is the only post-graduate program in AI & ML in India that:


Is taught by an elite faculty of International & Indian business practitioners who care for the subject. This course is not promoted by an institute that is driven more by your money. But which cares for the value it delivers to you.


Guarantees you a job of Rs 5L to Rs 10 L pa.. Not just offers you promises of interviews with loads of hiring partners.


Packs 1000 hrs of intensive training with

  • 600 hours of classroom learning
  • 250 hrs of internship and
  • 150 hrs of Capstone projects


Is designed and taught by 5 PhDs and 3 professionals with deep business expertise of 170 years in AI & ML practice


Allows you to build on what you already know with flexible modules


Mentors you for publishing articles in reputed journals. Use these as credits for your higher learning and in your resume for getting better jobs


Prepares you with mind training plus interview questions and answer preparation

Don’t settle for less.

Join the only AI & ML Program in India that guarantees you a job

Earn Rs 5 Lakhs - Rs 10 Lakhs pa. Start the day you finish this course.

  • Train with an elite faculty with 170 years of practical experience in AI & ML
  • Clock 1000+ hours of intensive face-to-face classroom training in Mumbai
  • Learn from an AI & ML curriculum that's more comprehensive than any other in India
  • Get a guaranteed job after the course. Or fly away to your dream job in AI & ML.
  • Choose from flexible learning modules. Build on what you already know.
  • Get mentored to publish articles in reputed journals
  • Graduate with the most prized certificate in India for AI & ML

Limited seats. Apply NOW!

₹6,00,000 + 18% GST
Educational loans from leading banks will be facilitated.

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