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Join the only AI & ML course taught by practitioners with 140 years of business experience

Batch starts 12 July 2021 | 4 online sessions from Monday to Thursday | 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm IST

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You want to recession-proof your career

You are a fresh graduate or 12th grader Science passout. You want to upgrade your skills and build a flourishing career. You wish to learn a skill that’s in-demand. You’ve seen colleagues getting fired. You’ve seen businesses shut down. Mails from the HR still gets you worried if you’re next in line to get fired. You no longer want to live with this uncertainty.

You want to secure your career forever. You want that promotion and increment you have your eyes on. You want recruiters lining up to offer you a job.

You want to upgrade your life. Enjoy job security. Earn a salary that can make all your dreams come true. Live happily.

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Enrol Before 30th May and Get Rs. 30,000/- off

AI & ML is evolving rapidly

But sadly, the curriculum of most AI & ML courses isn’t. What good is a degree from a foreign university that doesn’t really teach you what modern businesses demand?

Think of it. You earn a degree from a fancy university after you bust your bank.

You get placed at a reputed company. You undergo months of training before you get a permanent job offer. That’s training twice over after investing your money and time.

Is this what you really want to do?

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Enrol Before 30th May and Get Rs. 30,000/- off

AI & ML could be your ticket to success

The demand for AI & ML professionals is growing through the roof. Companies are searching for employees who aren’t just available.

Now is the perfect time to learn and master Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

DIY tutorials and crash courses online are bits and parts of learning. In-depth knowledge of AI & ML and practice on real projects are what will give you an edge above others.

Plus, a certificate recognized by industry experts. It's not just any AI & ML course.


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Enrol Before 30th May and Get Rs. 30,000/- off

ISET’s AI & ML Online Course is designed for students, professionals and entrepreneurs who wish to turbo-charge their career

To qualify for ISET's Elite AI & ML Certification Program, you need to be a 12th grade passout with science, a graduate or postgraduate with significant Maths or Stats components.

You can be from:

  • Engineering
  • Economics
  • Pure or Applied Sciences
  • Math/Statistics
  • Computer Science / Computer Applications.

If you have put in 3 years in software development and come from a Math, Stats, Engineering, Computer Science or Economics background, you could qualify too.

Not sure if you're eligible for ISET's AI/ML course? Get in touch with us : +91 96531 59486

Join the only AI & ML program that packs 280 hours of online learning, internships and projects that 2 million jobs are hungry for

Learn in an online interactive class with the internationally renowned Dr Mahendra Mehta [PhD from IIT/ ex HAL & Citibank] and his elite team of 8 industry practitioners. Zoom away.

Learn from top faculty

Take advantage of Ivy League educated, Indian and international business practitioners with 140 years of combined industry expertise. Get a glimpse of their teaching. View the Free introductory session.

Get job assistance after the Program

Become eligible to be picked for 2 million jobs. Earn Rs 600,000+ pa.
Get assistance from experts at ISET.

Fly abroad to your dream job

The ISET program prepares you with mind training, handling interview questions and resume building.

Clock 280 hours of intensive training

There is nothing like this curriculum for AI / ML in India. Learn from industry experts in interactive-online classes.

Get The Scholarship You Deserve

We have reserved 3 seats for students of exceptional merit for this AI & ML Program. Scholarship students will receive 40% waiver in fees. Write to us for details.

Don’t settle for less.
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Enrol Before 30th May and Get Rs. 30,000/- off

  • Rajat Bhatia
    International banker and derivatives trader turned entrepreneur

    Peer Reviews

    I have worked with Dr Mehta at Citibank in India and had the privilege of teaching courses with him at large international banks.

    Dr Mehta is an incredibly brilliant teacher and a world-renowned expert on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Mathematical Finance and Financial Technologies.

    His teaching style is very clear, straightforward and easy to follow. Dr. Mehta has the unique ability to make complex things easy to understand, which is an essential quality of a great educator. I recommend him very strongly.

    The program on AI and ML is perhaps the most comprehensive course of its kind in India and offers young people to develop skills and acquire knowledge which will enable them to progress their careers very well. Students will benefit enormously from this AI / ML course being conducted by the International School of Emerging Technologies.

  • Dr Tahereh Saheb
    Expert on Digital Transformation Strategy and Enterprise Architecture & Assistant Professor at Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran 

    Peer Reviews

    Honestly, one of the best experiences I have had teaching at SP Jain Global School of Management, was working with Mr. Mehta.

    He is a very knowledgeable person when it comes to cutting-edge technologies in Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning.

    His planning, guiding and mentoring of talented professors and students is commendable.

    I am honoured and proud to be working with Prof Mehta.

    I have not had this experience and extent of collaboration with anybody else.

  • Tanvi Parte

    Peer Reviews

    Dr Mehta is the icon of integrity and hard work, as well as a great advisor.

    Sir’s achievements and outstanding leadership qualities are worthy of emulation. I am truly thankful to Dr Mehta for all your encouragement and support. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work on such an innovative project.

  • Vishakha Sawant

    Peer Reviews

    Dr.Mahendra Mehta inspired me by creating an open and productive environment for the research and discovery of my internship project.

    His guidance and experience have been invaluable in deciphering all sorts of information. He has a compassion for people that is arguably unmatched. He is insanely capable, yet completely humble. He helped, encouraged, and challenged us to do our best throughout the entire process thus encouraging my own personal growth and progress.

  • Lily Polekad

    Peer Reviews

    Dr. Mehta has not only been a great mentor but an inspiration throughout my internship period.

    Working under his guidance was one of the best ways for me to apply my knowledge, skills and learn something new at the same time. The depth of knowledge in his expertise is something that has always amazed me and motivated me to work hard every single day. His down to earth, helpful nature is just another addition to my learning personality. He has and will always continue to be a helping hand in my success.

  • Restina Dabreo

    Peer Reviews

    Dr Mehta is not only an excellent mentor but he has always been someone who has been easy to talk to.

    He has always been a guiding light not only in work related problems but also in life. His advice and intuition about any problem has never gone wrong. Other than that his skill set has not only amazed me but has motivated me to learn more and more in life. I couldn't ask for a better mentor for my project.

Get a certificate that makes you job-ready.

Opt for an AI & ML course that teaches you what’s in-demand to get you into business.

Entrust your success with professors who care

Get trained with an AI & ML curriculum that's comprehensive. Get certified with world-class online training in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Be mentored by Ivy League educated business practitioners led by industry-renowned Dr Mahendra Mehta.

Your course curriculum at ISET (280 hrs)

The ISET course is modular. Opt for the full course. Or choose your own modules.

  • Mathematical & Statistical Foundation for AI/ML 75 hrs

    Data Science can be defined as a science by which scientists use advanced mathematical & statistical concepts to extract embedded information from a complex dataset. Data scientists employ a number of tools and techniques which has originated from Mathematics & Statistics. Thus, the good knowledge of Mathematics & Statistics is vital and very important for understanding data science. The course will start by laying the foundation of Mathematics & Statistics for understanding how these concepts are used to solve the problem in AI & ML.

  • Python Language 25 hrs

    Python is an open-source interpreted, high-level general-purpose popular programming language. Its design philosophy focuses on code readability. Python Language constructs and its object-oriented approach aim to help programmers write clear, logical code for various applications.

    In recent years, Python has become a very popular language for the use of ML & AI application.

    It is a very rich language that has very comprehensive libraries for various applications in ML & AL, Visualization, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, etc.

    Learning Python forms an important part of the course.

    Python provides a good learning ecosystem, relatively easy to learn, huge flexibility, platform-independent, easily readable, excellent visualization options, outstanding community support and growing popularity.

  • R language 25 hrs

    R is an open-source language used for statistical computation, data analysis and graphical analysis of the complex data set. This is very popular among statisticians. The language is rich by virtue of its packages which helps the user to solve a variety of problems in many disciplines including ML & AI. It is the second most popular language for solving problems in ML & AL.

    R is very popular with academicians for data analysis & visualization.R allows data scientist to quickly code complex concepts in much fewer, easy to understand, lines of codes.

  • Data Warehousing 10 hrs

    A data warehouse is described as a technique for collecting and managing data from varied source to provide meaningful business insights. It is a blend of technologies and components which aids the strategic use of data. A Data Warehouse is used extensively for Airlines, Banking, Healthcare, Public Sector, Retail Chain, Investment and Insurance sector, Telecom industry, etc. A typical and popular function of data warehousing is Extract, Transform and Load (ETL). It is combined into one tool to put data of one database and to place it into another database.

  • ML- Regression 25 hrs

    Linear Regression is one of the most well-known and well-undetermined algorithms in statistics and machine learning. Under this topic, various other types of regression such as Logistic regression, Ridge regression, Lasso, Robust regression, etc. will be covered. These techniques are widely used to solve many practical problems. These are also the starting point for more complex algorithms.

  • ML- Classification 25 hrs

    ML Classification algorithm forms an important part in data science. The subject matter covers a variety of algorithms such as random forest, support vector machine and several other popular learning techniques and their applications.

  • ML- Clustering 25 hrs

    This is unsupervised learning and this also forms an important part of learning from data in data science. There are many practical applications where clustering is useful and gives a very useful insight into the complexity of the data.

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) 25 hrs

    NLP is a subfield of Computer Science, Information Engineering and AI. NLP is concerned with the interaction between computers to process and analyze large amounts of natural language data. The field includes Speech Recognition, Natural Language Understanding, and Natural Language Generation. This area is rapidly becoming a vital component of ML, AI, Robotics and several other data science discipline.

  • Business Applications using Data Science 25 hrs

    Subject experts and corporate leaders would be brought in to talk about the difficulties they face in the real world. Students would be able to interact with people from various industries to help broaden their horizons. 

    This will facilitate informed decision-making for students when selecting which field to go into.

  • SQL/NoSQL 10 hrs

    SQL is a domain- specific language used in programming and designed for managing data held in a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). It is very popularly used in handling structured data where there is a relation between different entities/variables of the data. This is extensively used in AI & ML when one encounters numerical and textual data.

    NoSQL provides a mechanism for storage and retrieval of data that is modeled in means other than the tabular relations used in relational business. NoSQL databases are increasingly used in big data and real-time applications. NoSQL systems are called Not Only SQL to emphasize that they may support more than SQL like queries. This has now become an integral part of the databases for ML & AI problems when non-structured data are encountered.

  • Deployment of AI & ML applications 10 hrs

    Real-world ML system is composed of ML code and a big part is model deployment, model retraining, maintenance, on-going updates and experiments, versioning and monitoring.

  • Modular Course

Meet your elite faculty

Get a glimpse of what they teach. Register for a FREE introductory session.

Dr Mahendra Mehta, ISET AI & ML Program Faculty

Dr Mahendra Mehta

PhD in Electrical Engineering, IIT Mumbai. Ex HAL and Citibank.

Read More

CJ Swamy, ISET AI & ML Program Faculty

CJ Swamy

CEO & Co-Founder of Good Parents Inc, San Francisco.

Read More

Dr Sunil Lakdawala, ISET AI & ML Program Faculty

Dr. Sunil Lakdawala

25 years of experience in IT. CMC Ltd., Tech Span India Limited.

Read More

Hirak Mukherjee, ISET AI & ML Program Faculty

Hirak Mukherjee

Oxford Business Alumni with 27+ years in IT leadership in India and Asia Pacific.

Read More

Dr Tahereh Saheb

Assistant Professor, Management Studies, Tarbiat Modares University, Tehran.

Read More

Netra Munj

Packs 21 years of work experience in the IT and Telecommunication domain.

Read More

Vishal Bhatia

An alumnus of the London School of Economics where he earned an MSc degree in Quantitative Finance.

Read More

Abhik Roy

A postgraduate in Computer Science specializing in Machine Intelligence from Mumbai University.

Read More

Swapnila Kavishwar

A postgraduate in Computer Science who specializes in Machine Intelligence

Read More

The Only Program Open to Entrepreneurs & Non-Science Graduates

Welcome to the only online program in AI & ML that welcomes Entreprenurs who wish to bring their ideas to life.

Plus, non-science graduates that most programs don't wish to take. Having taught hundreds of entrepreneurs and non-science students, Dr. Mehta is one of the few trainers who welcomes you into AI & ML.

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The choice before you is clear.

Be part of the future of coding. Choose your AI & ML program wisely.

Come and train with the most elite AI & ML teachers in India.

Come and invest in yourself. Join ISET's elite AI & ML Certification Program for post-graduates. Sign up for the full course or pick and choose your own modules.

It’s now open at ₹2,00,000* [Check the early-bird discounts in the panel below]

The course duration is 6 months. Online Interactive classes.

*GST at 18% is extra. Loans from leading banks facilitated for students.

Scholarships are available to students of exceptional merit. Write to us for details.


  • Who is ISET & how is it connected to NTS??

    International School of Emerging Technologies is hereby the official designated Edu-Training arm, of NeuralTechSoft (Est 2000), which has been conducting courses in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Sciences, Financial Risk Management, Algo trading etc. across the globe.

  • Who is Dr Mahendra Mehta & how is he connected to this course??

    Dr Mahendra Mehta is an IIT alumni, who has worked intensively in advanced avionics at HAL and subsequently as Head of Derivatives & Options with Citibank, Asia. He is the founder, Managing Director of NeuralTechSoft, and is also on the board of other select corporate entities.

    Dr Mehta has also set up and executed the courses on AI & ML for S P Jain (Global) for the last 3 years.

  • Who is eligible to do the ISET course?

    Anyone and everyone from the field of science and engineering and take up the course.

    In exceptional cases participants from 12th STD in the field of Science or BE/BSc degrees from a recognized university.

  • What is the ISET course fee?

    The ISET course is structured for a course fee of INR 2 lakhs + GST.

Join the only AI & ML Program taught by practitioners with 140 years of experience.

Starting 12th July 2021. 4 days a week. Monday to Thursday from 6:00 pm to 9.30 pm IST.

Earn a starting salary of Rs 6 Lakhs - Rs 10 Lakhs pa.

Train with an elite faculty with 140 years of practical experience in AI & ML

Clock 280+ hours of intensive online training

Learn from an AI & ML curriculum that's more comprehensive than any other in India

Get placement assistance after the course.

Get the most prized certificate in India for AI & ML

Limited seats. Apply NOW!

₹2,00,000 + 18% GST
Educational loans from leading banks will be facilitated.

  • Book on or before April 30 and get 25% off
    Save Rs 50,000 by way of fees.
  • Book on or before May 30 and get 15% off.
    Save Rs 30,000 by way of fees.
  • Book on or before June 30 and get 5% off.
    Save Rs 10,000 by way of fees.

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